About Me

I am a Long Island, NY-based Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Personal Trainer, and Doctor of Physical Therapy with an extensive background and passion for bodybuilding, mixed martial arts, and automotive platforms. The focus of my practice is orthopaedic hands-on manual physical therapy and sports rehabilitation. The essence of what I do is apply both experience and scientific knowledge to effectively train individuals to improve performance while preventing future injury. I also conduct sport-specific testing sessions, identify areas of strengths & weaknesses, design & implement safe and effective strength training & conditioning programs for athletes in both individual and team settings, as well as provide guidance regarding nutrition and supplementation.

My journey began as a child, growing up and training in martial arts. Along the way, I’ve sustained injuries and surgeries through both life situations and extreme sports obstacles. This led me to the path of physical therapy. On this road, I’ve gained experiences through many different avenues. I became a personal trainer and director of personal training, managed a sports supplement store, owned a mixed martial arts dojo, and pursued bodybuilding as a hobby. With the desire to learn more, I became a strength and conditioning specialist, and am currently on clinical rotations at the end of physical therapy school. A common theme of my journey has been to help those in need, especially with education regarding proper lifestyle choices and exercise. As such, I created and co-founded Fitness and Movement – a social media outlet that enables us to reach a global community with the purpose of educating people so they can not only prevent future injury, but identify and strengthen deficits that may occur along their journey.

Random Facts

  • Coffee is wonderful, like breathing
  • My middle name is Raymond
  • I have a racing license, as does my father
  • I’ve attended ballroom dancing classes
  • I believe laughter is a great medicine
  • Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation is abbreviated PNF
  • Disdiadochokinesia is not
  • I have a soft spot for middle eastern food
  • I remember life without the internet
  • I’ve successfully performed stand-up comedy – twice
  • Goku is awesome

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