Reputation v. Character

I’ve learned a lot since I started PT school nearly two years ago. Especially how we’re all so different, yet so alike. Although I’ve known this for years, it’s highlighted daily. So I’d like to say: We all have many reputations – they change like the wind. The haters hate,[…]

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How to Solve Worrying

Problems are an inevitable part of life. We either find them, or they find us – like a slow driver when you’re in a rush. Problems may be good, and sometimes they’re anything but. They can be self-induced or out of our control. Regardless, they can leave us in a world of[…]

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New Life

5 Reasons Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail

Nearly everyone makes new year’s resolutions, especially in the new era of social media. Whether it’s a personal goal, change of direction, or simply doing things differently this time around, new year’s resolutions are made – with or without the label. This is actually the same reason why they fail.[…]

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